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Minsk Theological Seminary is a higher educational establishment of ECB Union in Belarus. The Seminary was established because of the acute need of ECB churches in Belarus in well-trained ministers in different spheres of ministryю. The educational system of the Seminary was based on those needs. The students may do internal and internal-by correspondence studies.
MTS is registered as a higher educational establishment of ECB Union in Belarus under the Committee of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, registration certificate #96. The Seminary was registered in December 30, 1997.

Our history
During the long years of atheist’s rein in the USSR the church was persecuted. Nobody would even think about theological education for the Christians. All the church pastors of those days did not have any theological education at all. Our Seminary started with a dream and fervent prayers of older generation of Christians. They all went through the trials of the XX century and they understood that church development is impossible without educated ministers. The Lord heard the prayers and the Communist empire broke down. And we got the opportunity for creating the system of theological education. It was formed in 1993 when ECB Union founded the Bible Institute (now it is by-correspondence department of the Seminary) and then Bible School. Minsk Theological Seminary was established in 1997 and it is the first evangelical higher educational establishment in Belarus. More than 800 students graduated from the Bible Institute, Bible School and The Seminary (now one school – Minsk Theological Seminary).

Seminary’s programs
Theological Department

Pastoral ministry (internal-by correspondence, evening and full-time studies)
The program serves for training the ministers (preachers, youth leaders, pastors, missionaries) to ECB churches. On graduation the students get a diploma of Pastoral (Christian) ministry.

Bible study
The program is designed for training Bible study leaders doing their ministry in churches and small groups.

Biblical counseling
The program is designed for teaching counseling in churches both on vertical and horizontal levels.

Missionary department
It trains missionary ministers for the development and planting of new churches in Belarus.

Music department
Music department trains choir conductors, music group and music ministry leaders at churches. The graduates get a diploma of Choir conductor.

Pedagogical department
Sunday school teachers
Pedagogical department helps to train spiritually mature, experienced Christian teachers and teachers of methods for evangelistic and counseling ministries with kids, teenagers and young people in Sunday schools, Christian camps, kindergartens and secondary schools. The graduates get a diploma of Teacher (teacher of methods) of Sunday school.

Church librarians
Program trains librarians for churches. Also Seminary provides students with books and help students to organize libraries in their churches.

Bible College
Bible College of Minsk Theological Seminary is a secondary Christian educational establishment. It trains missionaries, youth leaders, preachers, children’s ministers, and help young people to grow in Christ.

Our future
We view the future optimistically because we believe in God and we do His work in Belarus. We have not overcome the consequences of atheism so far in our country. A lot of pastors do not have theological education. It means that for the next ten years the Seminary has much work do to. We need to continue our spiritual education activity. We will improve our courses, respond to the situation and we will introduce new subjects. We will try to develop the Seminary as much as the finances allow us.
In 2003 our Parliament adopted the law about the freedom of conscience, which seriously limits the activity of Evangelical churches in Belarus. But we peacefully watch their threats and we apply with a prayer to God (Acts 4:29). The Seminary works and it will continue to work so that its graduates will continue to preach the Gospel to Belarusians and other nations.
The Seminary sets an aim of training new generation ministers who are able to preach the Gospel and lead churches in 21 century. Through Bible study we are going to reform thinking, ministry and student character and give also practical skills of church work and ministry. The mind should be reformed and concentrated on values of God’s Kingdom. Ministry understanding should correspond to the teaching and ministry of Christ Jesus. The essence and character should be transformed by the Gospel power. Each graduate should set an example in each branch of life, love the Lord, His Word, church and sinners.

Mail address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 220107, P.O. Box 5
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