Mission of the Seminary

Дата: 26-07-2010 08:12  
The Seminary sets an aim of training and improving the qualification of ministers. They should be able to spread the Kingdom of God in Belarus, first of all, and then from Jerusalem to the ends of the Earth. They should minister in the XXI century church.


The Seminary is a center of Christian moral training for dedicated ministers. It gives them biblically based and adequate ministry education.

By means of Bible study we strive to transform thinking, ministry and character of brothers and sisters and give them practical skills for the fruitful church ministry.

Each graduate should successfully do his/her ministry in the local church, be a model in each sphere of personal life, love the Lord, His Word, love the Church and sinners, and make every effort for their salvation so that Christ’s great commandment would be fulfilled.

Key Values
Competence, maturity, ministry, love and dedication.

Long-Term Plans (up to 2012 «if the Lord is willing»)
1. Striving to reach the highest standards in Christian, academic, financial and economic activity. Never stop in the development.
2. Timely responding to the challenges of time and ministry, development and putting new biblical programs in life.
3. Continuation of group formation of the dedicated teachers and staff.

4. Keeping the desire for the ministry and high spiritual level in personal life and relationships of the staff, teachers and students by means of the curriculum, lectures and other Seminary activities.

5. Completing equipping the Seminary building (including the library) with quality equipment and maintaining (exemplary) order.
6. Increasing the involvement of the local churches, private persons and organizations up to 50%.
7. Paying average wages according to Minsk statistics and raising wages of the staff and teachers with due regard for the inflation.

8. Completing accreditation process on Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry program and beginning of accreditation for one more program.
9. Developing and implementing new programs every 2-3 years.
10. Confirming the role of the Seminary as a center for theological research with the help of seminars, conferences, publications, and Internet, etc.